Cost-Reducing Strategies


  • Facilitated by datacom
  • Made difficult by end-user computing
  • The information center is a good example


  • advantage of cost reduction
  • advantage of increased productivity with PCs located in user areas
  • risk of lost security
  • Objectives of Outsourcing
  • Insuring

Outsourcer Services

  • Data entry and simple processing (editing, formatting)
  • Contract programming
  • Facilities management
  • Systems integration
  • Support for maintenance, service, or disaster recovery

Objectives of Outsourcing

  • Manage costs better
  • Reduce
  • Contain
  • Predict
  • Obtain relief from systems maintenance so as to concentrate on new system development
  • Acquire needed expertise

Information Management in Three Pacific Rim Countries

  • Countries were U.S., Korea, and Mexico
  • Centralization versus decentralization
  • Top management attitude
  • CIO participation in strategic business planning
  • Information systems planing
  • Sharing information resources with users

The Future of the CIO

  • Business computing is moving from centralized to decentralized computing in terms of
  • equipment
  • development
  • decision making

Proactive CIO Strategy

  • CIO must emphasize quality management of the IS resource
  • Achieve strong user ties
  • Strengthen executive ties
  • Assemble an IS management team
  • Assemble staff competent in leading-edge technologies and methodologies
  • Build an IRIS

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